Do you think if subscribe and punch gets enough of a following you could add community ideas to the characters or add other youtubers that people like? Also have their been any changes to the characters abilitys? Or will their ever be any changes?

-S&P community has been so far very helpful for the game! You guys have awesome ideas to make the game better and we’re looking to constantly listen the community to make the game as good as possible! Concerning the character roster, it’s nearly set, and adding some others would take a lot of time.


How far do you plan to go with the design?

In its fighting mechanics, the game will be very casual to be accessible for everyone. That not means it will be broken but we don’t aim Street Fighter or DOA players for example. I think that you can consider the game as a manga adaptation into fighting game like DBZ Budokai or the Naruto games, but for the youtubers fans. We also play A LOT on the “youtube aspect”, which will offer a really dynamic and seemless interface for all the game.
Our UI Designer is TERRIFIC, so prepare yourself to play a punchy game.

Are you planning to accept help/funding from some of the youtubers in the game like pewdiepie?

-We really want to have all the youtubers “on-board” so we can constantly get feedback from them on a design/art/sound point of view.
Funding is another story and we do not have any intends to get youtubers funding the game as we really care about independence & building the best possible experience by ourselves. Depending of the details of the deals, we’re open to the idea though and it could be really cool.

Do you guys pretend to use in-game voice for the characters? Maybe you can get them to dub it. I keep imagining Cry dubbing his character, it would be awesome.

It could be awesome but we do not expect all the youtubers to work with us as they all are very busy. Plus, we’re really looking to create our parodic univers of youtubers, we probably going to handle that ourselves.

Pewds dyed his hair blue didn’t he? Are you going to change pewds sprite or keep it same or will you like make it into two sprites?

At this rhythm, Pewds will make restart our whole character every day. 🙁 The information isn’t official yet,but we would love to have some customization system that will include the blue hair <3

Game Release & Platforms

What game engine is used to make Subscribe & Punch?

We are working with Unity engine. The game will be in full 2D.

How much will the game cost, and will it be a download, or online?

We unfortunately can’t officially communicate on this. Depending of the content & the quality of the game at the time of the release the price COULD range from 4$99 to 14$99. Nothing is decided until we have feedbacks on the prototype, monetization is a tricky topic and we’re still thinking about it.

Is there a set deadline for S&P?

-Deadlines are complicated because we are mostly passionate students in the team and have pace of work which can vary for all of us. We are making our maximum, thought. The final game may not appear before Q1 2018.

What is the game going to be like exactly? Like, what is the game format like? 

We’re looking to release the game on Steam for PC in the first place (digital download). Depending of the success of the game, we would love to see it on consoles & retail!


How old do you need to be to help out on the s&p team?

You must be at least 17 years old to join the team.